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Rampliflyer and Alley Oop


       Stacy Falk (pictured right) met Molly Shrewsbury (pictured left) on September 12th, 2019 at their first roller derby practice with the Ark Valley High Rollers. Molly had skated as a kid but was new to derby. She had worked at Sonic to earn her first pair of skates; black and red Dr. Pepper skates. Stacy had never roller skated in her life. But with her ice hockey background she picked it up pretty quick. Stacy and Molly completed their minimum skills (something a new derby skater must pass before getting pushed around in a game) and were both eager to play.


      However, the Decker Fire put everything on hold when the team lost access to the skating facility at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds. Stacy and Molly then took to the streets and soon enough found the skate park. They were obsessed with the skate park. They watched skate videos constantly and taught themselves how to park skate. They shoveled the skate park all winter and skated everyday. They soon discovered the CIB Community.


      CIB consists of over 300 international crews (or chapters) of quad skaters, set up to spread the stoke and nourish their local skate community. The closest chapter to Salida was in Canon City. Stacy reached out and began skating with this crew. Rather than starting a CIB Salida, the ladies combined forces and created CIB Ark Valley. The crew began hosting meetups and teaching new skaters how to shred in the park. Then Covid came along.


      The meetups were cancelled and the skate parks were closed. Rumor has it that Molly and Stacy continued to skate in the park at night, taking turns watching for cops. Stacy and Molly would even sneak into the local grocery store where they both worked and skate around. Stacy made a habit of this after the store was closed and documented her roller store adventures on social media. It wasn't long before the actual media caught on and showcased Stacy on Rocky Mountain PBS.


      Needless to say, Stacy didn't work there much longer.  She returned to her pre-covid job once it was reopened but it didn't feel the same. Something just seemed off.  She left on mutual terms and started pursuing her dream immediately. Something her and Molly talked about doing someday. Opening a skate shop and starting a skate club for kids.


      Thus, Ramps and Alleys was born. The name Ramps and Alleys itself is seemingly related to a skate ramp and a street alley. But the name is actually referring to Stacy and Molly's roller derby names. Rampliflyer because Stacy is obsessed with skate park ramps. Alley Oop because this is Molly's favorite park trick. Stacy set the ambitious goal of opening on Halloween, her favorite day of the year. Many people thought that was a little too ambitious, but with the help of her friends and the kids she mentors.... they pulled it off!    

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