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OC Ramps

Do you love skating our ramps so much that you just really want to have your own? We are happy to help! Ramps and Alleys is an official OC Ramp Dealer. Keep it local and order from us. 


We offer free ramp consults at your location if you need help choosing what's best for your needs and space.


Order the ramps via Ramps and Alleys and your order will be shipped directly to you at no additional cost.

We are currently building our website to feature OC inventory.


In the meantime, see and let us know what you want. 




OC Ramps Inc. is a family owned business that puts the consumer first. Our mission statement is simple “Provide quality skating equipment at affordable prices”. We want everyone who skates to be able to afford an OC Ramp, no matter where they live or where they come from. Providing skaters with ramps that let them practice the sport they love, is what we love.

Tyler Large & family (Owners of OC Ramps, Inc.) have been building Skate ramps in Orange County, California since 1997. Originally, the ramps were sold pre-built and hand delivered locally in Huntington Beach. After a couple of years Tyler saw the demand for skate ramps and decided to jump into the broader market.

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