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Ramps and Alleys Clubhouse


Our mission is to provide educational, recreational and therapeutic activities while promoting healthy lifestyles and building positive relationships. The Ramps and Alleys Clubhouse is designed to provide a safe, fun, hang out for the youth of Chaffee County and operates under the 501-C3 status of the Ark Valley High Rollers Roller Derby Team.

The Clubhouse is located at 645 E Rainbow Blvd and shares a building with the skate shop. The Ramps and Alleys Clubhouse offers a commons area and community space for people of all ages to hang out, paint, play games, and meet new friends. The Clubhouse also offers an indoor mini skate area and an outdoor skate ramp.

Programming and activites at the Clubhouse are intended to be free of charge to everyone in the community. Programming such as this is only possible through donations, grants, fundraisers, and community support.

The Ramps and Alleys Clubhouse has partnered with local programs such as the Boys and Girls Club of Chaffee County, elevateHer, Alpine Achievers, and the Family and Youth Initiatives.

We have helped kids complete their community service at the Clubhouse

and we are offering a variety of activities that appeal to all ages.

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Help keep the Clubhouse alive!
Donate via our Venmo @ramps-clubhouse
or come check us out and donate in person.

Thank you for your support!

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