Ramps and Alleys owner, Stacy Falk, met Harper Gamster in the Salida Skatepark in 2019. Harper was either on his bike or scooter.  Stacy on roller skates of course. They would encourage each other to try new tricks and got to be good skate park buddies.

When Stacy told Harper about the idea to build a skate shop, Harper's eyes lit up.... and the rest is history. Harper has been involved since day one and helped create Ramps and Alleys. His motivation, determination, positive attitude and so much more is greatly appreciated. 


Since the shop lacked scooters and scooter accessories, it seemed like a no brainer when Harper asked if he could set up Little Brother Scooter Company in Ramps and Alleys. Harper builds all the scooters he sells and is extremely knowledgeable. 

Check out his website for more details.